Jap Kang 1 ordered to prepare a way to hire Thai workers substitute for foreign workers

Jap Kang 1 ordered to prepare a way to hire Thai workers substitute for foreign workers

The Department of Employment responded to the policy of the Labor Minister to expedite the survey and prepare job positions for Thai people who are not more than 6th grade from enterprises that need employment across the country.

Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor revealed that the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 make an establishment Some types of businesses delay employment. or close a certain number of businesses But there are still establishments that can still operate. And there is a need for labor, both Thais and foreigners. especially in the electronics, canned food and garment industries. However, Thailand has delayed the importation of labor from neighboring countries since March 2020 to prevent the risk of the spread of COVID-19. According to the measures of the CCC. Therefore, foreign workers cannot be imported at this time. and resulted in labor shortages.

“Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha and Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister who oversees the Ministry of Labor, have orders for relevant agencies.
together to consider measures that will drive the economy forward continuously adjust the plan to be consistent with the situation which I as the Minister of Labor I believe that the important thing now is to help Thai people get jobs. Therefore, there is a policy to promote the employment of Thai workers instead of foreign workers. The target group is Thai people with education level not over Mathayom 6, age not over 35 years old to work in agriculture and livestock. Agriculture Continuing Business construction business and work in the industrial production line which at least will receive the minimum wage rate according to educational qualifications including overtime pay, diligence allowance and various welfares specified by the company By entrusting the Department of Employment to survey the demand for employment from enterprises across the country that are willing to hire Thai workers to work as substitutes for the shortage of foreign workers, the survey in May 2021 found that there was a demand for more than 400,000 foreign workers. While there are Thai workers registered for employment with the Department of Employment. Through the website Thai has jobs.doe.go.th Educational qualifications Primary – Secondary 6, 112,759 people, if able to fill all the jobs, will help many Thai people to earn income. and help the establishment to operate continuously Driving the economy forward according to the Prime Minister’s orders,” said the Minister of Labor.

Mr. Pairote Chotikasthira, Director-General of the Department of Employment, said that the Department of Employment received the Minister of Labor’s order. in the matter of promoting the employment of Thai workers instead of foreign workers Has ordered to recruit all provinces and the director of the Bangkok Employment Office Area 1-10 hastened to do the following:
1. Explore the needs of those who register for job search and still want to work in each area to be current. according to educational qualifications Elementary – Upper Secondary (M.6) to conduct job recruitment according to their aptitude.
2. The provincial employment office hastened to coordinate the establishments that require employment of foreign workers. Types of businesses that Thai workers can replace foreign workers To create a video clip of the position (Company Profile) consisting of location, job description, job requirements Welfare To build confidence and make informed decisions for job applicants
3. Provincial Employment Offices and Bangkok Employment Offices in all areas publicize job vacancies to job applicants who still want to have a job. From the Thai website has a job.doe.go.th including unemployment insurers who have received full benefits from the Social Security Office but still can’t find a job
4. Organize meetings for special workers or other appropriate forms, such as recruiting individuals with full qualifications as required by the establishment by bringing information technology
Come to provide job interview services online and fill in jobs immediately.
5. Facilitate and coordinate the movement of workers in a systematic way. Between provinces with employment demand but no labor force with provinces where people want to find work
Many, but there are not enough vacancies to be accepted.

“For job seekers, unemployed people and everyone who wants to have a job. The Department of Employment has prepared an online service channel (E-Services). Those interested can register at Thailand has a job.doe.go.th The system will match (Matching) between the applicant and the vacancies of the establishment. by suggesting jobs that match the qualifications and needs
for applicants to consider Or ask for more information at the provincial employment office in every province. Bangkok Employment Office Areas 1-10 or at the Ministry of Labor hotline, call 1506 press 2, Department of Employment or the Department of Employment hotline, call 1694,” said the Director-General of the Department of Employment.

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